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Black Galaxy Granite Slabs
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We have been exporting Black Galaxy Granite polished slabs since the early 1980s.

Gangsaw Slab Sizes: When suitable blocks are available we can produce slabs of 3200 mm x 2000 mm (126" x 79") however these will be very expensive and especially so if Premium quality, regular large slab production is of 3000+ mm x 1800+ mm (118" x 71"). A reasonable cost saving can usually be made when buying slightly smaller gangsaw slabs say 2600+ mm x 1400+ (102" x 55"). Bear in mind that these are still large, heavy slabs weighing 220+ Kgs in 20 mm and 330 kgs in 30 mm (485 lbs & 730 lbs). When ordering crate loads of slabs it is important that you tell us the maximum weight crate you can handle safely since we normally pack 3~4 tonnes per crate.

Black Galaxy Granite Slab Image

Cutter Sawn Slab Sizes: Depending upon the finished slab sizes you require, cutter sawn sizes can represent a huge cost saving and especially so for kitchen worktops / countertops. Cutter sawn slabs are produced from the same quality blocks as the gangsawn slabs, quite simply they are the smaller blocks extracted at the same time from the quarry. These slabs are traditionally exported at 2400+ mm x 600~900 mm (95" x 24"~36") however if your requirement is for a shorter length, say 1200 mm x 600~900 mm (48" x 24"~36"), then even a bigger cost saving may be achieved.

Cutter slab crates are usually about half the height of gangsawn slab crates therefore expect three or four more crates per Full Container Load (FCL) yet more slabs per crate. These crates are invariably much easier to unload from a container and also are subject to much less in-transit damage. If the majority of your requirements are for producing cladding, flooring or strips, then this could be your best cost-saving solution.

Dimensioned Slabs: For project work we can supply already produced to your sizes or select suitable random-sized slabs for your own production. please let us know precisely your specifications.

Black Galaxy Granite Slab Inspection Video
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We can accommodate any inspection service whether be it yourselves or a suitably qualified independent company.

Our inspection is included in the slab cost whereas an independent company may charge upwards of USD 300.00 for this service. It is very important to note that any independent company needs to be fully briefed as to your expectations since they are normally very experienced with this type of work and understand the Black Galaxy Granite agreed standards (shown below).

Black Galaxy Granite Quality Standards
Black Galaxy Granite Slab Image

Grading standards for Black Galaxy Granite is generally accepted to be as follows:

Q1. Black Galaxy Premium/First Choice : Granite clean of any visible veining.
Q2. Black Galaxy Classic/Standard : Granite with one or two visible veins, mergeable lines.
Q3. Black Galaxy Commercial : Granite with two or more visible veins, mergeable lines.

It is important to note that there is a limited quantity of Premium Black Galaxy granite available, the vast majority of slabs exported by ALL processors is of the Classic Black Galaxy granite.

These lines do not affect the integrity of the material and quite often cannot even be seen except from a specific viewing angle or under very bright lights, certainly, insofar as a large area of flooring for a shopping mall is concerned, our Black Galaxy Classic Granite is acceptable and appreciated.

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